A downloadable game for Windows and Android

What is Nighttime Walrus?

A tie for winner of the fourth AIE Game Jam of 2016, Nighttime Walrus: Limited Edition was initially just a randomly generated name spat out by an algorithm, but turned into a game about managing walrus pups throughout a night of nightmares and tantrums.

How do I play?

Baby walruses require attention all night! Attend to their needs by dragging their needed item to them.

If the pups have a nightmare, you need to tap on them to calm them down. If left needing something for too long, they throw a tantrum, and if you don't calm them down in time, it's game over!

Who made it?

  • Kevin Bava
  • Jack Sturgeon
  • Emily Smith
  • Brek Bradley
  • Matt Callahan
  • Neth Robinson
  • Colin Mather


Nighttime Walrus (Android) 30 MB
Nighttime Walrus (PC) 23 MB

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